Princeton Forrestal Village, Princeton NJ

The innovative Princeton Forrestal Village project was an industry-leading development in the mid-1980′s. At the time, the mixed-use, open-air concept and attention to placemaking were ground-breaking in the real estate industry. This 720,000 SF, 52-acre, mixed-use development is comprised of retail, office, hotel, restaurants and entertainment. Merritt broke ground on the Project in 1986 on land leased from Princeton University. Sasaki Associates of Watertown, MA designed the project with Bower Lewis Thrower/Architects of Philadelphia. The development vision was to “create a retail mix that will not just bring people in every few weeks like the regional malls do”. At opening, PFV contained nightclubs, several restaurants, a 300-room Marriott, an indoor food court, and many upscale stores, all organized in an open-air “Main Street-style” village area. Elements of the project can now be seen in similar open air marketplaces in the United States and worldwide.