Toombs Development Company & Merritt Capital Investors

Through their history, Merritt and Toombs Development Company developed over 1.5 million square feet of high profile commercial real estate projects in the US Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, and were industry leaders in their groundbreaking vision for integrating commercial and residential real estate projects to create vibrant, efficient communities of the future. High profile developments include Aramark Tower (formerly known as One Reading Center) in Philadelphia, Redwood Tower in Baltimore, Princeton Forrestal Village in Princeton, New Jersey, and Wyndham Virginia Crossings, Richmond, VA.

Wyndham Virginia Crossings: This 186-room hotel & conference center is located just outside of Richmond, VA. Since its purchase in 2008, Merritt and its partners have successfully completed substantial renovations. The purpose of the renovations was to create more of a sense of place, increase revenue opportunities and improve the overall guest experience. The property is frequently used for both national and international corporate training as well as government meetings.

Merrill Lynch Conference Center: Merritt Capital purchased this 364-room hotel and conference center from Merrill Lynch in 2004. The project is located near Princeton, NJ and many corporations utilized it for corporate training due to the 64 meeting rooms and state-of-the-art auditorium.

Aramark Tower: Aramark Tower, formerly known as One Reading Center, is a 32 floor 720,000 sq ft high-rise office building located in Center City Philadelphia, which Merritt developed, then leased, and eventually sold to the Reading Company.

Redwood Tower: Redwood Tower is a 23 story, 212,000 SF office building located in Baltimore. The project included a complex air-rights transaction which used groundbreaking cantilever technology to support the building over a historic structure, and was also unique in providing 9 corner offices per floor.

Princeton Forrestal Village: The innovative Princeton Forrestal Village project was an industry-leading development in the mid-1980′s. At the time, the mixed-use, open-air concept and attention to placemaking were ground-breaking in the real estate industry.